• 7 Foundations of Health: Vitamin D

    By Admin Elite Performance | In Nutrition | on November 14, 2016

      Vitamin D or commonly referred to as the sunshine vitamin plays  a major role in the overall health of our bodies. It controls the expression of more than 10% of our genes, and in turn, has a significant impact on our health. Vitamin D deficiency has been reported in up to 70% of North […]

  • sleep

    7 Foundations of Health: Adequate Sleep

    By Admin Elite Performance | In Wellbeing | on October 27, 2016

      Sleep is essential and one of the biggest components of recovery.   During sleep, the immune system ramps up, physical breakdown and damage is repaired, and thoughts and memories are processed. In short, sleep helps us recover from the demands of a busy day and refreshes us so that we’re ready for the next […]

  • 7 Foundations of Health: Positive Thinking

    By Admin Elite Performance | In Wellbeing | on October 3, 2016

    Be Careful What You Think! Your predominant thoughts influence your behaviour and attitude while controlling your actions and reactions. Thoughts that pass through your mind  determine the kind of life you live and the experiences you meet. To make changes in your life you must change your thought process.   Studies have proven we may […]

  • 7 Foundations of Health: Nutrition

    By Admin Elite Performance | In Nutrition | on August 16, 2016

    Along with oxygen and water, food is another essential element needed to sustain life. We can only last several minutes without oxygen, several days without water, and several weeks without food.     While we’ve all probably experienced the painful hunger that makes it impossible to forget our need to eat, hunger doesn’t help us […]

  • Maximize your workouts with these supplements

    By Admin Elite Performance | In Fitness | on July 22, 2016

    When you push through a challenging workout your muscle fibers are being broken down and torn apart, the process of muscle synthesis (repairing and rebuilding those fibers) is how one builds strength and increases lean muscle mass.  At Elite Performance we suggest supporting this process with a quality protein powder, glutamine and BCAA supplements. We […]

  • 7 Foundations of Health: Hydration

    By Admin Elite Performance | In Fitness | on July 13, 2016

    Following oxygen, water is the next most crucial element of human survival, in fact going without it for more than just a few days will cause death.  Roughly two thirds of our body weight is in water, this means that a 200 pound man would have approximately 130 pounds of water in his body! It’s […]

  • 7 Foundations of Health: Breathing

    By Admin Elite Performance | In Fitness | on July 1, 2016

    The human body is composed of trillions of cells and each one of them requires a steady flow of oxygen to function properly and survive.  In fact, oxygen is so important to our health that we’ll die if we go more than a few minutes without it! Based on this, even a slight inefficiency in […]

  •   We all know exercise is beneficial to our health. The confusion lies in the actual amount needed and what types we should be doing. One of the biggest problems with exercise is lack of moderation or not enough exercise. Many people either don’t exercise at all or exercise way too much. As part of […]

  • Perform a proper deadlift for total body strengthening

    By Admin Elite Performance | In Fitness | on April 18, 2016

    If performed correctly the deadlift is without a doubt one of the most effective exercises for putting on mass and increasing total body strength. It puts an emphasis on the posterior chain (calves, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors) while teaching lifters how to properly hinge at the hips. Correct deadlifting also works to increase core stability […]

  • What’s in your protein powder?

    By Admin Elite Performance | In Fitness | on March 29, 2016

    A good quality protein powder is something everyone with an active lifestyle should have on hand. Whey protein is most commonly used in protein powders and for good reason, it’s by far the most studied work-out supplement in the world and has been proven to contain all of the necessary essential amino acids which are […]

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