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BoxFit is a total body cardiovascular and strengthening workout that enhances muscular endurance, force production, agility and balance. Our classes are led by Stephen Boyle, an experienced Fighter, Trainer and Coach, who has trained national and international boxing champions. His classes fuse traditional boxing moves with Muay Thai, a form of martial arts originating from Thailand.


Boxfit classes at Elite Performance place a large emphasis on the fundamentals of striking. The goal is to teach proper form so you get the full effect of the workout and improve overall conditioning.


Here’s what you can expect from attending BoxFit class:

• Improve agility and coordination

• An increase in core power

• A combination of cardiovascular and strengthening training

• Learn the fundamentals of Boxing and Muay Thai skills including punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes

• Conditioning drills

• Stress relief!  Take out your frustrations in a safe and healthy environment


Class Layout

10-15 minute warm up and drills

45 mins training


BoxFit classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm

Led by Stephen Boyle


Register and purchase classes online at epfitness.ca


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