Fitness Motivation: Winning the Mental Game

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How many times have you said this:
“I’ll start tomorrow.”
“I’m too busy to work out.”
“I can’t do this.”
“I’m too tired.”
“This is too hard.”
When starting any new workout program, getting in the right state of mind is half the battle. Staying motivated and committed to your fitness goals is always easier said than done. So when your “I can’ts” are getting the best of you, here are a few tips from our trainers to stay on track.


1. Be accountable for your actions. Buddy up with a friend and tell them your fitness goals. Have a trade-off if you veer off path. For example, you can’t go clothes shopping for two weeks or you have to forego your favourite latte the next morning. Don’t forget to give your friend the same consequence!

Additionally, state on your social media that you’re going to work out “x” amount of days a week. By doing so, you’ll be more inclined to materialize your status update.

2. Mince – not dice – your goals. As important as it is to have a grand vision of your overall goal, you’ve also got to have smaller goals. For example, “I must have a six-pack in three months” is a diced goal, whereas “3 sets of 1-min planks and 3 sets of 30 sit-ups by the end of today’s workout” is a minced goal that will provide you with an instant motivation boost once you’ve accomplished it. This also means creating a doable workout plan that’s challenging to keep boredom at bay.


3. Remind Yourself Daily. Make a fitness vision board, follow fitness blogs, Instagram, or other motivational accounts on social media, or put inspirational quotes on your phone’s wallpaper. Whichever one you choose, it will be your constant reminder to not let laziness trump your path towards a better you.


4. Commit. There’s a big difference between casually dating and committing to a relationship, so treat the gym in the same regard. Think of it as a person, and treat ‘Gym’ as if he were your serious and long-term boyfriend (or for you guys, ‘Gymma’). Just as you would make time for your significant other, treat Gym with the same respect. You’ll find soon enough that making time for the gym results in a loving and lasting marriage.


5. Make the Financial Investment. Sign up and pre-pay for a personal trainer or a group fitness training package. When skipping a workout means you’ll be forfeiting cash, you’ll be more inclined to show-up. Not only will you be more committed, you’re more likely to reach your fitness goals faster in this way than working out on your own.


6. Be Kind to Yourself! When you love yourself and high have self-esteem, you’ll invest and do whatever it takes to care for your most important asset: your health. That includes eating right, exercising regularly, and thinking positively about your body. Constant self-doubt and negative thinking will only deter you from celebrating your progress and ultimately lead you down the same destructive path.


Whatever your fitness goals are, Elite Performance is here to help you get there with the motivation and commitment you need. Contact us now to jumpstart them!



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