The Keys to FAT LOSS

By Admin Elite Performance | In Fitness | on November 7, 2017

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Elite Performance Goals Series- Training for Fat Loss


Is it your  goal to lose stored body fat? If so then there’s a couple things you should know starting from the gate:


  1. Burning fat as an energy source doesn’t always translate to weight loss, even if your training regimen is immensely energetically demanding i.e. you’re doing an Ironman every day, you won’t actually burn stored body fat unless you’re running a caloric deficit.


  1. You need to get adequate sleep! If you are running a calorie deficit you will actually burn the most stored body fat during sleep- fat is lost as it gets broken down and “breathed out” as carbon dioxide, and urinated out.


  1. There are certain forms of exercise that are more apt to utilizing fat as an energy source ie. aerobic. However you may also burn more calories via increasing metabolic rate through strength training or anaerobic conditioning.


Fitness Tips for Weight Loss

• Establish an aerobic base, once you have mix in anaerobic conditioning as well

• Utilize High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) alternating between maximum intensity exercise and periods of rest  for short bursts. Numerous studies have proven HIIT to be one of the most effective and efficient methods for burning the max amount of calories in the shortest time frame.

• Lift weights, strength training has proven to burn excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) basically meaning your metabolism is elevated post workout for up to 36 hours. Cardio is good for burning calories, but once you stop moving you stop burning. The ultimate fat burning regimen combines both strength training and cardiovascular activity.


Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss

• Remain in a calorie deficit, you have to give your body a chance to burn through those fat stores, sadly this means reducing caloric intake, or increasing your energy expenditure- exercising more

• Eat adequate protein, this helps increase metabolic rate and help keep your appetite in check

• Drink up, water that is. Fat is excreted through our urine so make sure you are getting an adequate amount of water to ensure this process is as efficient as possible

• Limit alcohol- alcohol is not only empty calories but it also leads to poor nutritional choices


Sample Training Regimen for Fat loss at Elite Performance:


HIITFit 2-3X/week

StrengthFit 2X/week

PowerFit 1X/week


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